26 February 2004

A second computer scientist as been enrolled (Seth Chanratha). He and Keo Sophon will work on the glossary.

May 2004

After revision by computer science professors and linguists, and a meeting to talk about the most complicated terms, a new version of the Glossary is prepared.

19 April 2004

The collection of words is sent to a number of selected Cambodian high level computer science professors and professionals, as well as to Khmer linguists. They will decide what is the best translation for each term.

July 2004

Version 2.0 of the Glossary is released. This version includes discussions with professors and linguists, as well as new terminology found in Mozilla Thunderbird.

15 January 2004

The coordination office of KhmerOS is actively working on the creation of a Glossary group. It is planning to hire one or two students who will go through all publications about computers in Khmer and extract the Khmer terminology used in the books and magazines.

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