Java 6 works in Khmer Unicode

Java finally works in Khmer Unicode!! The latest release of Java 6 is finally able to display Khmer Unicode correctly. The effort to ensure that Java can display Khmer Unicode started in 2004, and it has taken over two years for it to finally reach the official release. The Java 6 Runtime Environment (for individual users), or develelopment tools for Java can be downloaded from: This development opens the way of localising to Khmer programs that are written in Java, such as CMap Tools, FreeMind or SUN's localisation tools. In 2004 Jens Herden and Javier Solá, with the financial support of the Asia Foundation, developed the code to implement Khmer Unicode in ICU, a script support library that was developed by IBM, and hich gives support to several applications, the most importants being Java (for all platforms) and for OpenOffice for Linux. In 2005 we followed this code and worked with SUN when ICU was integrated into the development versions of Java, which have now been released as Java 6. All Java programs that use this version of Java will be able to display correctly Khmer Unicode text.