KDE 3.5.2 Screenshots

We just made some new KDE screenshots in Khmer. They are available at http://l10n.kde.org/teams/infos.php?teamcode=km#screenshots (please cancel the translator list in that page, it's invalid). Those screenshots are taken from the latest version of KDE which is 3.5.2 and here are some information about them:

  • Screenshot 1: Kpdf, a KDE PDF viewer, while opening an PDF file that has Khmer name.
  • Screenshot 2: Konqueror, a KDE internet browser and file manager, while conquering Khmer software in KhmerOS website.
  • Screenshot 3: Kolourpaint, an easy-to-use paint program for KDE, while remaking-up a sleeping monkey's face.
  • Screenshot 4: aKregator, a news/feed reader, while gathering Khmer websites and weblogs via RSS.

These are just a plenty features of KDE, there are tons more...