KhmerOS activities at Civil Fair

As you knew already, on 9-10th June 2006, KhmerOS, CambodiaCIC and Khmer Rough Trial project had joint an event called Civil Society Forum Fair at Phnom Penh Cultural Center (Chenla). A lot of Khmer products were showing during these two days. You would find many thing that you need such as: food and drink, jewelry and souvenir... KhmerOS had also presented its Khmer software. Some CDs which contain all Khmer software running on Windows, some SUSE Linux 10.1 CDs and some documentation were provided during these two days. Below are the detail amount of what we had provided:

  • 500 Khmer software CDs
  • 700 copies of Khmer software brochure: This brochure contain some information about Khmer unicode and Khmer software
  • 500 questions sheet has been filled: People have to answer some question and take the lucky draw to get the Khmer software CD, Keyboard...
  • 3 Standard Khmer unicode keyboards and some Mekhala T-shirts
  • 2 sets of SUSE CD

For Khmer software CDs, we were not only give the CDs away, but also explain people how to install and use it, especially how to type using Khmer unicode.
For SUSE CD, we had only 3 sets of CD due to our resource is limited and because before this event we don't know how many people will be interested in SUSE. And as you can see above, two sets of CD were given away. You know why and how did they get it? Because they show us that they really want to use it, and after we told them that we cannot give them for free and they have to exchange the CD with us, they went out and came back with 6 blank CDs. The rest of people were invited to take the CD at the Installation Party.
There were also many people interesting in our training. Most of them are from the province. As a good news for them, there will be some training in each provinces of Cambodia starting from next month. We're now selecting some volunteers for this work.
We can say this is a very successful event for us but this is just the starting point. We will have to do a lot of more thing to spread Khmer software over the whole country. Yes, of cause we cannot do it alone. We need your help.
We also have some picture taken during the show. Here are they:

Khmer Software poster with new Mekhala face.

Three monks and some men were listening to our correction on their question. Oh, a man on left side was wearing Mekhala black T-shirt! How cute he is! Yeah, he is one of the KhmerOS staff. He was showing Slekrit documentation.

The man with the pink shirt is the first person that get SUSE Linux 10.1 CDs. He was catching those CDs. A few hour later after he got the CDs, my phone rung. That was him. He was installing SUSE at his house and had some problem with his partition. He's really eager to try it.