KhmerOS at Internet Party

On 15th May 2006, there will be an event at BS Department Store, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is called Internet Party. It's mostly related to Internet knowledge and experience sharing. KhmerOS will be there as well. We think that it is a good opportunity to bring Khmer Unicode to the people and to share our experience with it. Moyura, Mekhala and Chatzilla are what we'll show during the event. Sending email, chatting using Khmer unicode and browsing webpage or weblog that is written in Khmer Unicode are our main topics. We will also bring the latest version of SUSE Linux that is 10.1 which is just released recently. In SUSE, we'll present Kopete, the very powerful KDE messenger program. Some CDs of Khmer software will be available for people joining this event. This event is organized by Manich Enterprise who is running the Cambodia Search Engine. More detail about this event can be found at See you there on Monday :-)