Please help to answer FOSS survey of EU

Dear valued visitor,
The European Union, through a project called FLOSSInclude, is making a survey of the state of Free and Open Source Software in Cambodia. They have done similar surveys in other countries. They have prepared four surveys addressed to a) Government, b) University IT Administrators or Lecturer, c) Developers, and d) Employers who employ IT Administrators or Developers. We have helped them to translate the questionnaires, and have looked around for who in Cambodia is involved on FOSS. The goal of the FLOSSInclude project is to write a roadmap for the European Union to assist developing countries on the use and deployment of FOSS software. The survey will allow them to learn where the deployment of FOSS stands in Cambodia, and how they can assist in the future. It would be great if you could help the world of FOSS in Cambodia by filling one. They can be filled either in English or in Khmer. All you have to do is to think which of the four groups you fit better in, follow the appropriate link below, and answer the few questions of the survey.
* Employers
* Developers
* Higher Education Institution IT administrators
* Government of Public administration
Please help FOSS in Cambodia by filling it.
Best regards, Ms. Heng Chantheng