SUSE Linux 10.1 released

The latest version of the famous Linux distribution, SUSE Linux, was released recently. With the good cooperation between KhmerOS and Novell, finally we were able to make SUSE Linux 10.1 the first Linux distribution that works well with Khmer out of the box. By choosing Khmer as the installation language (yes, you can install in Khmer), you'll get Khmer font, standard Khmer keyboard and many application translated. Some problem still exist though. One of the Khmer fonts (named Khmer OS) is broken due to the lacking of testing, the translation of OpenOffice is not included on the media due to the space is limited. Another problem is the translation. In this release, SUSE include only KDE 3.5.1 which mean many Khmer translation are missed for KDE. As mentioned already sometime ago (, our target release is the one after this release (maybe 10.2), so we still have more time to fix what we have. SUSE 10.1 come with a complete set of 5 CDs together with another CD of non-open source software. You can download the complete ISOs from the URLs below or get them at Open Forum of Cambodia. We can burn them on CDs for you, but DON'T forget to bring your own CDs :-) Download URLs for the full ISOs: x86 architecture (Intel 32-bit) architecture: Download URL for the Add-On Media ISO (non-open source):