Javier Solá

Javier Solá (Spanish, 1960) is the founder and coordinator of the KhmerOS Initiative, a project started in 2004 aimed at producing and deploying Free Software in Khmer language. As part of this work he participated in the drafting of the National ICT policy for Cambodia, the Master Plan for the deployment of Free and Open Source Software, the development of National Standards (such as the national keyboard), and the creation of the ICT in Education policy of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (in 2004).

He is also co-project manager of the Open Schools Program, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and the Open Institute NGO started in 2007 to use ICT to improve the quality of Education in Cambodia. As part of this program, Javier is working on the development the Master Plan for ICT in Education 2009-2012 for the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. He is also managing the necessary research to understand the curricula that needs to be developed, the most adequate equipment to be deployed, the needs in connectivity and electricity, and all the major factors that will shape the Master Plan. In parallel with the Master Plan, he co-manages the present training of ICT teachers in all schools that have computers, as well as the development of training materials and textbooks, ensuring that - starting in the 2008-2009 academic year - all ICT training in Cambodian upper secondary schools is homogeneous.

He has been living in Cambodia since 2003 he is also involved in lexicographic development for Khmer language, where he has directed work to increase the size of the reference dictionary for Khmer by 25%, the development of a spell-checker for Khmer, and on the orthographic standardization of Khmer.

In his prior life, Javier was until 2003 the Director of the Spanish Internet Users Association, where - for seven years - pushed the development of Internet in Spain through participation on Internet related legislation, coordination the creation of an Internet Exchange Point in Spain, and other policy and practical work directed at improving the service to Internet users and creating a healthy Internet sector. During that time, he participated very actively in the creation of ICANN, the international entity that now manages the shared resources of the Internet worldwide. As part of his work at ICANN, he chaired the committee that decided the creation of new international Internet domains (such as .info).

Prior to his work around the Internet, Javier Solá has worked for four years (1984-1985 and 1988-1989) in Paris, France, as a researcher on Artificial Intelligence for BULL S.A., France’s largest computer company, and later in Spain as Director of a small software development company that did strategic and software development work for Spanish corporations as well as for the European Commission.

He has taught at seven different universities, including three Spanish universities (technical and Internet policy and legislation courses), the Ecole Central and Ecole d'Arts et Metiers in Paris (two of France's most prestigious universities), Ohio State University and – finally - Boston University’s overseas MBA program, where he taught “Strategic Impact of Information Technology”.

He speaks fluently Spanish, English, French, and Khmer. He holds a BSc degree from Duke University (1984, North Carolina, USA) and a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Ohio State University (1987, Ohio, USA).