This page lists people who participate directly in the initiative, as well as other people doing other work just as important that helps the Khmer Software Initiative become a reality.

If you want to ask something technical, the best thing that you can do is to visit our support page


Nevertheless, if you want to contact us directly, we will answer as soon as possible, please write to: Your mail will be received by one member of each one of the teams of KhmerOS, and the adequate person will try to give you the information that you request. If you write to this address, please do not put other addresses in this page in copy, as the people who might respond to to your question will receive it, and send it to somebody else if they cannot respond.

If you want to contact us about things related to the project itself, please write to Javier Solá, the KhmerOS Project Manager:

Staff at the Open Institute

The KhmerOS localization team is composed of:

  • Mr. Khoem Sokhem (Localization Team leader)
  • Mr. Seng Sutha
  • Mr. Morn Met
  • Mr. Auk Piseth
  • Mr. Eng Vannak


The Software Development team includes:

  • Mr. Keo Sophon
  • Mr. Seth Chanratha
  • Mr. Chea Sovannoty


The Master trainers are:

  • Mr. Kheng Piseth
  • Ms. Heng Chantheng
  • Mr. Chea Sambath
  • Ms. Eng Kola
  • Mr. Phel Phearun
  • Ms. Poch Sokun


Jens Herden has been our resident Linux technology expert for two years. He has worked on projects like support for Khmer in the ICU library, preparing Khmer Unicode keyboards or a program for word-breaking in Khmer. He has also provided basic Linux Training for our team. Now he is back in Germany, still working on FOSS.
Also, for almost two year we had the help of expert Linux administrator Bart Geesink, who participated in the preparation of the Master Plan for ICT in Education, and served as director of the Low Cost Computing Lab for Education, doing research on sustainable facilities for schools.

Norbert Klein can be reached at:


The first implementation of Khmer script in Gnome, KDE and Mozilla was done by Lin Chear.


Typographer Danh Hong can be contacted at:

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