During the closing of the seminar on Information Technology Awareness (September 2001), H.E. Sok An, Senior Minister, Minister in charge of The Office of the Council of Ministers stated: "All laws, regulations, and policies in the IT sector will reflect the following guiding spirit and philosophy:

  • To uphold the interests of the consumers and general public.
  • To guarantee security of information, while facilitating the broadest possible access to public information.
  • To respect individual rights, and
  • To avoid dependency on proprietary systems, instead promoting open systems and interoperability."

In September 2003 Prime Minister Hun Sen called for development of Khmer language computer standards to enhance communication at all levels. In February 2005 Cambodia has issued an Open Source Master Planand it is expected to come out with an Open Source Action Plan very soon. The Master Plan includes plans for change Government and civil society, and it plans for migration of the Government to Open Source within the next three years.

Other Countries

Many countries around the world have already established policies on the use of Open Source Software. Here are some examples that we have "borrowed" from the InfoDev report "Open Source Software. Perspectives for Development" (making good use of their open copyright policy). The data below about other countries is slightly outdated, but it still gives good examples.